South Knox Student Scholarship Guide

Current scholarship opportunities will always be posted in the following locations:

There are many sources for scholarships. Some examples are

  • All universities that the students is considering attending.
  • Community foundations, organizations, or clubs.
  • Associations related to field or study.

Scholarships generally have a variety of criteria that have to be met by the recipient. Criteria are what the donor determines are important points regarding the student they want to assist. Common university and organization scholarship criteria may include any or a combination of:

  • Resident are (state, city, county region, or school corporation).
  • Grade point average and class rank.
  • Student enrollment status and major of study.
  • Family affiliation with or membership in an organization.
  • Leadership qualities and community/school involvement.
  • Financial need.

It is a good idea for students to develop a resume of their achievements and activities, including employment and extracurricular involvement, when applying for scholarships.

The first step is to apply to colleges and universities. Determine if a separate application is required for each scholarship. Follow these guidelines when applying for scholarships:

  • Apply for any/all scholarships to every university you are considering.
  • Complete each application fully and legibly.
  • Keep a copy of all applications.
  • Pay attention to deadlines!
  • File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by April 15. File it every year.