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Superintendent Welcome

Welcome to the South Knox School Corporation website. We are very proud of the many things that we have to offer our students here. Our students have the opportunity to involve themselves in many different curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I believe that South Knox students have shown over the years an aptitude to excel in each of these areas as evidenced by the recognition our students have received at the state and national levels and also by the success that they have enjoyed after graduation in their collegiate pursuits and chosen career fields. This recognition and success can be attributed to a combined effort from the student, the student's family and the school. I like to think of the student's education as a three-legged stool.

Educational success is the seat. The seat is supported by three legs of equal length (importance.) The driving message for success is, "I want to be better today than I was yesterday and I will work to be better tomorrow than I am today." One leg is the student. The student must strive for excellence on a daily basis. If the student works each day to be the best that he/she can be, nothing more can be asked. The parents/family should provide the encouragement (or prodding) to ensure the students' positive approach and is therfore the second leg. Finally, the school corporation (teachers, administrators, staff) as the the third leg needs to work to provide the opportunites to succeed. Quality instruction, positive feedback, constructive encouragement are all part of the corporation's responsiblility. The stool has to sit on something and that surface or floor is the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that we provide. College credit classes, college prep classes and strong electives for high school students and core academic plus fine and practical arts classes for seventh and eighth grade students are one component. The strong academic start that our students get begins with the excellent core academic classes and special (art, music, PE) classes that we provide in elementary school. Athletics, academic teams, clubs and performances are additional materials that interlock to creat a level surface.

All of this works well together, but there must be a solid foundation. The bedrock of educational success is attendance. There can be no academic progress, let alone success if the student is not here to receive all that we offer. Just as when you remove one of the stool's legs, the stool collapses, remove the student from the process and the education falls flat. Therefore, it is imperative that the school corporation, the family and the student work to have good attendance. Failure to attend is the quickest way to fail to succeed.

Tim Grove
Superintendent, South Knox School Corporation